Product Designer

Geon-Young Lee

Hi, my name is Young. I was born in South Korea and I currently work as a Product Designer in Berlin, Germany.

During my professional experience as a Product Designer, I had the opportunity to work on complex B2B/B2C financial products. Additionally, I’ve also worked on multiple design projects for startups as well as individual clients. 

I truly enjoy working with creative people, sharing ideas and getting inspired by each other which in my experience can deliver truly outstanding results. If you would like to chat, feel free to reach out!

Design Research
Design Workshops
Information Architecture
Usability Testing
Design Systems


B.A. Digital Architecture, HYCU

UX Design Training, Career Foundry

Design Systems Training, Memorisely

Work Experience

Currently, building mobile banking apps for Deutsche Bank and Postbank customers.

Previously, worked on B2B/C digital products for Deutsche Corporate Bank, Yunar by Ambidexter (Deutsche Bank Startup), and individual clients.



Analytical thinking

Can-do mindset

Hands-on experience


Things I do apart from my daily work ...